Friday, September 23, 2011

First Job - World Vision KLSSC

Actually I started working two weeks ago on 12/9/2011 but I didn't update in my blog mainly because I am lack of personal time and I choose to wait so that I could 'finalize' my thoughts since my first impression always don't last long. =)
For those who don't know about it yet, I work as software tester in World Vision (WV) KLSSC which is in Plaza Hamodal, Petaling Jaya that is located beside Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Information Technology building), although the position in the contract that I signed is IT Specialist Customer Support. >.<

Actually, when I started to look for job, I sent out 6 e-mails, 3 responded, went to 2 interviews and 1 got me.
This company is the first company who interviewed me.
Lucky duh?
And they haven't take a look on any of my certificates yet. LoL~
Initially they intended to take me in using internship but I requested for a permanent position (Through e-mail).
Lastly, I got a contract position, which is renewable if I perform well.

I think many of you have heard about World Vision before and might be wondering why they need a software tester.
Let me explain then.
World Vision is a non-governmental Christian organization that focuses on helping children around the globe.
Rather than just collecting donations and give it to them, they focus on developing the area so that the people in the area able to survive on their own.
Usually, World Vision works together with organizations in the area to increase the quality of living in specific area.

World Vision is project based and there are a lot of grants to be managed.
Therefore, they need a system to manage all that and there is no system in the market that able to suit the requirements.
So they need to build one, the program is being outsourced to ISA Technologies but now they're taking it back to do-it-ourselves and the responsibility goes to Shared Service Centre (SSC).
World Vision got 4 SSCs and one of them is Kuala Lumpur Shared Service Centre (KLSSC).

Unlike other offices that collect funds or distribute funds, SSC focuses on technical and development part.
According to my supervisor, WV KLSSC is under World Vision Malaysia.
According to the big boss, it's higher than World Vision Malaysia.
I guess I make it on par, since everyone is doing different jobs. -.-
Anyway, I think we report to World Vision International, not World Vision Malaysia.

There are a few department in the office, such as Business Services Team (Which I am in now), Customer Support Team (Which I should be in) and few more.
The web application under development is a Project Management Information System named Horizon.
Currently, it's under Stage 2 Iteration 2 and I need to prepare it so that it can move on to Iteration 3.
Basically, my task is just testing the application according to the check list and learn the program well enough so that it will help if I will be transferred to CST or for my future tasks in BST.
Quite easy, for now..

Everyone in the office is multitasking, I mean doing several types of job regardless of the position by multitasking.
For example, a finance manager might do human resources work and many others.
Among nearly 50 employees in KLSSC, only 3 people are not Christian, 2 of them are Hinduism, and the last 1 is Buddhism. @.@
Luckily, my colleagues are nice. XD
I like the office environment and facilities, there is a water heater in the toilet. o.0

Since it's a Christian organization, there will be a devotion time every Monday after lunch around 2.30pm.
I don't mind participate in, but during praying time, sometimes I will fall asleep secretly. >.< Shh~
Then for each department, there would be an individual devotion period on other day.
So, I can choose to attend two devotions time each week to skip my work. XD

The first two weeks passed quite well, I am satisfied with anything except jamming in Federal Highway on the way back.
I can go extremely early to the office to avoid jamming to prevent wasting my money and time but I couldn't choose to go back early. T.T
Usually, I am the first one to reach office. I am the boss. XP
Luckily I got my own desk and a personal laptop.
At first my working hours is 8:30am - 5:30pm but later on I changed it to 8:00am - 5:00pm.
I think it helps a bit in reducing the time and money I wasted in the world longest parking lot.

Sometimes, I couldn't understand what the hell I am jamming for.
For instance, sometimes a straight path without any road link to the highway and there's no accident or car break down, the cars will just stopped, totally stop then move again and all the way smooth after that. GDI~
I cannot accept that lor~~
If I use a tank and run over non-stop in Federal Highway during peak hour, next day the highway will be almost blank. Muahahaha~

One secret, actually I am driving very dangerously few days on the first week, especially Monday.
I couldn't sleep on Sunday night, perhaps because of my upside down sleeping time, or sleep extremely late because of younger brother's car accident or over-excited. LoL~
I fell asleep while I was driving not only once, but several times until I reached my housing area.
Imagine that I could fell asleep while I was cruising around 90km/h on the right lane, sometimes when I am braking down (Sleep half second then wake and continue braking) and while I am waiting for the traffic light to turn green.
Luckily, I reached home safely and I didn't cause any troubles to other road users.
Ops, there was one time where I almost close my eyes when I was waiting my turn to pass the toll and I forgotten to put my smart TAG on the dashboard. Argh~ Shh~~
Oh~ I need to register a Skype account to communicate with my colleagues in office so I announce that I am on Skype now.